Ems99 produces marking steel types, with the function of impressing numbers, letters or other marks on different materials. This product is used in different sectors: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and tobacco.

We have a great experience in marking pharmaceutical products, such as blister packs. We offer 90MnCrV8 steel types, cold machined, tolerance +-0.015, engraved and hardened 56-60HRC.

For hot stamping and ink we produce brass types OT58 EN12164. For ink we also use 90MnCrV8 steel in special cases.

We have extensive experience in the production of wheels for marking systems, used in the tobacco industry, which require precision and durability of the product.

Among the productions of Ems99 are also the steel types holders. These instruments can be made of steel or brass. We also have practical plastic boxes to keep your steel types in order.

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