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EMS99 is a company specialized in the production of steel types, marking wheels, interchangeable types for packaging machines.


EMS99 is a company specialized in the production of steel types, marking wheels, movable characters for packaging machines (cartoning machines, blister machines, end of line etc.) and combines tradition with modern techniques, offering its customers standard products, customized to design or sample for various types of machines not only Italian. EMS99 is a reference point on the national market in the supply of steel types, marking wheels and mobile fonts.

Compliance with agreed deliveries is our priority. This is an essential prerequisite of our service, whose production complies with ISO9001:2015 standards.

The marking and coding systems we provide offer solutions in many sectors, specifically in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and tobacco industries. Our steel types are made of steel for cold working, engraved and tempered or brass for hot stamping. The materials used allow to obtain sturdiness and durability, while the traditional engraving for chip removal delineates a clear printing thread.


The purely artisanal method of printing dry or ink, as opposed to modern techniques, has certain advantages for its ruggedness and reduced operating costs, particularly appreciated by the pharmaceutical industry, and EMS99 is on the domestic market among the few laboratories artisans to be able to offer today quality and flexibility in this type of work.


For us the respect of delivery times agreed is to be a “must”. We are aware of the need for a continuous production. We try to shorten delivery times and to observe production procedures and standards according to ISO9001: 2015. We therefore offer reliability on the delivery dates that we agree with our customers.


The quality of our products is given by the quality of the materials steel 90MnCrV8 and brass OT58 EN12164 and the use of traditional artisan techniques together with the fact that these materials offer a long life. Considering its use the steel type is a small product that requires a great quality to achieve excellent printing results to be perfectly legible.


Discover our steel and brass steel types, all customizable and flexible in the quantity to order. Whatever type of steel types you require, in fact, Ems99 is able to satisfy your needs, providing you with the quantity of goods you need in a short time.

Ems99 produces marking steel types, with the function of impressing numbers, letters or other marks on different materials. This product is used in different sectors: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and tobacco.

We have a great experience in marking pharmaceutical products, such as blister packs. We offer 90MnCrV8 steel types, cold machined, tolerance +-0.015, engraved and hardened 56-60HRC.

For hot stamping and ink we produce brass types OT58 EN12164. For ink we also use 90MnCrV8 steel in special cases.

We have extensive experience in the production of wheels for marking systems, used in the tobacco industry, which require precision and durability of the product.


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